Thursday, 24 September 2020

What’s coming up next? (24 Sept 2020)

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is coping well during this dark period. As you all know that the world has stumbled due to the infamous virus, Covid-19. This has affected most of us especially in the aviation industry. From where I am, my country doesn’t allow us to travel unless it is totally necessary to do so and even if I could,  for any health issues, my country would not take care of me finanically so with that, I am more likely to be grounded for this year. However, there is hope for flight bloggers like myself. Singapore Airlines has announced of flights to nowhere which is likely to occured at the end of October. I am definitely interested all depends on the schedule and the pricing. Hopefully the airline comes out with an attractive package not only benefit us, but more importantly helps ease the financial woes the airline is suffering at this moment. 

Once I have any news of my next flight, you readers, will be the first to know. Meanwhile, take care and stay safe wherever you are!

I apologise for the lack of content and once my busy work schedule ends, I will be updating this blog on a regular basis. So stay tuned for some exciting contents. 

Have a good one!

Charles Ryan