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Tuesday 8 August 2023

Airport Lounge Review: Sumaq VIP Airport Lounge Lima (LIM)

 Welcome to my Airport Lounge Review At Lima Airport! 


Lima, Peru is one of the countries that I like to visit, however due to time constraint, I decided to visit the city another time and instead take advantage of the class I am flying on and use the lounge at this airport. LATAM Peru may be operating at this airport as a hub but it doesn't have its own dedicated lounge so it signed a contract with Sumaq VIP lounge to allow the premium class and VIP passengers to use the lounge. This lounge is also available for passengers who are willing to pay to use it. This lounge is opened 24/7 as  flights are happening every hour of the day. The airlines that are contracted to this lounge are Aeromexico, Air Europa, Air France, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Iberia, KLM, LATAM and United Airlines. 

Location of Sumaq Lounge 

This lounge is located near Gate 17 (air side) and by right you are allowed to use it for 3 hours. This rule may be enforced if the lounge gets too crowded. 

Photos of Sumaq Lounge 

This is the entrance of the lounge. It took a while for the agent to check my ticket before allowing me to enjoy the facilities. 

Once inside, the lounge looks big and spacious. From what I know it has been renovated not too long and I am fortunate to be able to enjoy the new version of the lounge. There are ample seats everywhere with charging ports. I was handed a slip of paper with a barcode and that entitles me to a complimentary alcoholic drink, that is quite stringy! 


- Buffet service

- Complimentary Wi-Fi 

- Work Space 

- Showers

- Sleeping area 

- Bar (One complimentary alcoholic drink and if you want more, you have to pay for it) 

The lounge is open space so there is not much privacy. 

At this point of time, the lounge was a bit crowded. 

There are different sections of the lounge to rest. Unlike my time at Santiago lounge, the WiFi was working and the speed is good. This lounge is about 1,200 square feet and has a capacity of around 300 guests. 

This is where the bar is. 

There are plenty of seating areas, so I didn't have difficulty find a place to rest. 

Lots of places to choose to charge your electronic devices. 

The buffet serves more snacks than hot meal at the late hours in the lounge. 

Considering how late it was at that time, the selection of food and beverages was good. 

I picked up some hot snacks to enjoy.

I got to say I was surprised with the lounge's offering as I wasn't sure what to expect from this lounge to be honest. 

This lounge also offers showers (upon request) and quiet area which I didn't get to photograph as it was full. It would have been nice to catch some sleep. 

This is how the shower looks like in this lounge. 

Once I was done, I spent time at this working space area to do some work.

After that I moved over to this area to rest for a while. 

At this point of time, the lounge was quiet and I managed to get a few hours of good rest. 

After resting, I checked my flight status and everything was going according to plan.

This is what the food selection of Sumaq Lounge Lima offers in the morning.

The coffee was good but it wasn't as good as the Juan Valdez Coffee. 

My breakfast and it was quite satisfying. 

I had some yogurt and fruits to go along with it. 

Once I was rested and ready, I made my way to the gate. 

My rating: 

Location of Lounge: 4/5 
Service: 3/5 
Lounge interior: 4/5 
Selection of food and beverages: 4/5 
WiFi: 5/5
Shower: 5/5
Resting area: 3/5 (At the sofa chair)
Overall rating: 28/35 
Percentage: 80%


This is quite a nice lounge and if you go at the right time, it can be quiet and a great place to rest. As this lounge is catered to many airlines, I can imagine the crowd when the flights of these airlines depart around the same time. This lounge may not be as glamorous as those big ones that you can find in other continents but at least it serves the purpose and that is to provide every passenger a comfortable stay. Is it worth paying to use the lounge? Maybe but not for a restricted time of 3 hours. 

Anyway, I stayed for over 6 hours at the lounge and that gave me ample rest for me to continue my journey. Overall I am satisfied with this lounge.

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Thanks for reading! 
Charles Ryan 

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  1. Thanks. Good review and pictures of the lounge. We'll know what to expect when we go there in a few weeks.