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Monday 17 June 2024

Hotel Review: Shangri-la Qiantan (Shanghai) Hotel

 Welcome to my hotel review of Shangri-la Qiantan Hotel! 

Do note my visit happened in June 2024, so anytime after that, that might be changes. 


My trip to Shanghai was a business affair and was given a choice of hotels to stay. The other hotel we could stay in was Mercure Shanghai Expo Hotel and one advantage this hotel has is it was closer to the location of where I was suppose to go to but in the end we decided on Shangri-la Qiantan hotel for a few reasons, taller building, more convenient in the sense that it is closer to a shopping mall and to the metro station. In addition, there is a greater variety of facilities which we enjoyed during our stay. So without further ado, let's begin this review! 

Background of this hotel 

Shangri-la Qiantai hotel is a 5-star hotel, located at the Pudong Expo Qiantan Area, features 585 guestrooms and 4 dining rooms and also comes with lounges and bar for relaxation or business meeting. With this hotel winning lots of awards, it is not surprised that this is one of the most popular hotels located in the heart of New Bund International Business District, dubbed the "Golden Boot". 

Location of this hotel 

The address of this hotel is 551, West Hai Yang Road, Pudong, Shanghai 200124 China. You can take a taxi or the metro train from the airport to the hotel. The nearest Metro station is Oriental Sports Center Station

The view of Shangri-La Hotel behind Taikoo Li Shopping centre and besides the hotel is the New Bund Centre. 

On board an empty train of the Shanghai metro. It is fast and convenient. Expect crowded trains during peak hours. 

The platform of one of the metro stations in Shanghai.

Directions to the hotel by metro 

From the airport terminal metro station (both terminal 1 and 2 connect to the metro station), take line 2 to Century Avenue station and change for line 6 and head for Oriental Sports Center station (the terminating stop). The train ride from the airport to the Oriental Sports Centre train station takes about 1 hour 30 minutes. 

The entrance of the lobby 

Some photos of the facilities 

I am amazed with the gym at this hotel as there is even a boxing ring in it. 

From the gym, you can view the indoor swimming pool. 

This is QT Kitchen offers buffet style breakfast. The food was great but it cost me RM$200 (Around US$28) per person at that time I went. I find it quite expensive but at least there is a good variety of food and the quality is what you paid for. I give a rating of 8/10. 

There is also a collection of cute teddy bears which is unfortunately not for sale located at a corner in the lobby level, aren't they cute? 

Amenities provided by the hotel 

- Clock 

- A couple of bathrobes 

- Rain shower 

- Heated tower rail 

-Heated underfloor in the bathroom 


- Mirror 

- 55-inch Internet Protocol Television 

-WiFi access (I have to use VPN to be able to access the social media such as Facebook, Instragram and X) 

- Wireless mobile charging pod 

- Ample charging ports in the room 

- Electronic Safe 

-International  direct-dial telephone 

- Working Desk 

-Coffee/Tea facilities 

- Filtered water 

- Mini bar 

There are many different types of room, you can check out more information on the hotel's website, over here.

So for this hotel review, I will be doing on the room I am staying in, the Deluxe room (Standard). 

Photos of the room (Deluxe room) 

This is what greeted me when I entered the room. 

The comfortable room is adequate for me. 

Behind the frosted glass is the bath room. 

There is a variety of tea and coffee available for each guest. They also offer a box of tea/coffee for sale. 

There is a hanging area of clothes, enough for a couple. 

The bath shower gel, shampoo and conditioner products is from an expensive brand, L'Occtitane.

The window view outside my room 

Beautiful, isn't it?

My review 

Location: 8/10
Hotel Staff: 7/10
Hotel room ambiance: 8/10
Cleanliness: 10/10
Bed comfort: 9/10
Shower: 10/10
Value for $$: 9/10
Overall rating: 61/70
Percentage: 87% 

Final thoughts 

This is a high-end hotel which cost quite a bit more than the standard hotel. Not a surprise since Shangri-la brand is well known for the high tier hotels which provide comfort and convenience to those willing to pay for quality. I am quite impressed with the quality of the hotel and the room which gave me a comfortable rest and privacy. I was able to obtain a high floor which gave me a great view of the city which is a bonus point to my stay. While most of the amenities are what you expect from a top tier hotel, what I like is the underfloor heating in the toilet and the high quality toilet products which allow me to clean up nicely. The location of the hotel is also better than I expected especially with goggle map not updated to the latest, not a surprise since Goggle and other U.S mobile apps are banned in China. With the metro transportation, it is easy to get around very fast. I recommend buying the metro day passes which will save you a lot of $$. Overall, I highly recommend this hotel for the comfort and convenience the hotel provides. 

Average price of the one night stay (US. $160-$200 per night) depends on the season

Hope you enjoyed this hotel review! 

Have a good one!