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Tuesday 27 August 2019

Exploring CS100 (Airbus A220-100) With Delta Airlines (Part 2: DTW-DFW)

Welcome to my part 2 of Delta Airlines A220 Trip Report!

Photo of Detroit Metropolitan Airport 

About Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

This airport is located at the heart of Michigan and is one of the largest hubs for an airline in the United States. Delta Airlines is the main operator of this airport as this airport is considered to be the 2nd biggest hub in the airline's operation. Delta has flights to both domestic and international ones (Asia and Europe) so if you travel there, you will see mostly Delta's aircraft. 

Operated with 4 runways and 2 terminals, the traffic over here is as busy as those popular ones such as LAX, SFO, JFK and other major airports. The 2 terminals are McNamara and North Terminal and altogether there are 129 gates. McNamara terminal is named after Edward H.McNamara. It opened in Feb 2002, replacing the aged Davey terminal. Skyteam airlines use this terminal.

For the North terminal, it is a newer one, opened in September 2008. This terminal replaced the old Berry and Smith terminals. Currently, this terminal hosts the non-Skyteam airlines. To connect this terminal to McNamara, there is a free shuttle, just wait outside the terminal. 

During my layover, I chose to stay at this accommodation, not far from the airport. I took the bus service which stopped at a bus stop with 5 minutes walk required to reach the motel.

Comfortable enough for the one night stay 

This was my first experience of staying in a motel. I always see this in movies and finally, I got to experience it for myself.

The next day, it was around 5.30 in the morning. Too early for my liking, but I had to drag myself to the airport. 

Checking my flight's status, N117DU came in from EWR.

Initially, N103DU was scheduled to operate my flight

Later on, it was changed to N117DU.

There she is, on her way back to the home base.

If only the other airlines outside of the U.S has also this feature to track on the aircraft flying in from other destinations. 

Slightly delay my flight was, but it was nothing major.

This time I chose the window seat on the 3-seater. 

JY-BAA, the last time I spotted this plane was in Bangkok. Nice to see you again!

Detroit Airport

Modern looking terminal but what I don't like is the windows having those annoying dots on them which makes photography of aircraft impossible. 

Air Side (Arrival from the previous flight)

Free WiFi is also available at this airport

My plane was parked at the end of the concourse so it took a while to reach the luggage claim. About 15 minutes according to my watch.

I decided to take the train to check out the sections of the terminal. Pretty cool to have the train running inside the terminal, this is of course at the airside.

This is the land side of the terminal

The Regional jet section of the terminal

Check-in area for Delta Airlines. As I have done my check-in and received the mobile boarding pass, I could skip this and joined the long queue for immigration. There is, of course, the priority pass to skip the long queue for TSA check. 

Beautiful weather! I consider myself very fortunate for this trip. It has been like that since the first day of arrival in the U.S.

The not-so-enjoyable part of this trip, the queue was long. It took about 30 minutes to clear. Fortunately, I arrive early and had plenty of time to spare at the airside.

Checking my flight, it was on schedule. The plane arrived slightly late but not late enough to delay our departure time.

Finally out of the queue. Security check was strict but no issue for me as I made my way to the airside to check the place out.

Air Side 

The Skytrain inside the terminal, welcome to Detriot Metropolitan Airport!

The airline lounge is located over here 

Interior of the train, the ride was fast. This is useful for passengers with difficulty walking.

I spent the remaining time at the sofa chair (below), almost fell asleep!

Making my way to the gate 

Food and Beverages are available in most parts of the airside, but depending on the time of the day, it can be crowded.

The gate where I boarded my ride

Flight route: DTW-DFW

Miles: 986

Departure date: 25 August 2019
Airlines: Delta Airlines 
Flight: DL2427
Route: DTW-DFW
Aircraft: Airbus A220-100
Seat: 25E
Registration: N117DU
Load: 100%
Gate: A5
Duration: 2 hours 16 mins
Push back: 0850
Departure: 0850
Boarding: 0816
Take off: 0915
Scheduled arrival: 1040
Actual arrival: 1018
Departure runway: 22L
Arrival runway: 17C

My ride: N117DU

Engines: 2 X PW 1519G
Delivered on 25 June 2019 
Configuration: C12 Y97
Born in Montreal 
MSN: 50036

To take the photo of the aircraft, I had to take it from a distance as the camera focuses on the dots when I tried taking a photo close to the window.

A better photo of this aircraft 

Photo: Daniel Gorun

Since the aircraft interior is exactly the same as other A220 aircraft, I didn't take as many photos on this flight. 

Once boarded, I was greeted amicably by 2 energetic crew. This time I was directed to my seat. A better set of crew on this flight. I made my way near the rear and settled down quickly. Seating on the 3-seater is the same feeling as flying on the A320 or B737, it is bearable for medium-haul flights. 

Domestic First Class seat

Economy Class 

Last few rows I believe is for Basic Economy Class Passengers

This is my window seat, of course, the window has to be opened until cruising!

View from my seat 

The photo was taken when it was time to disembark. I felt reluctant to do so.

This time I manage to take the photo of the lavatory. Comparing with other similar size aircraft, this is bigger.

The air-con vent, light and the seat belt display sign

I love the window size of this aircraft 

In-flight experience 

We pushed back on time, once again, thanks to the punctuality of the passengers. Taxied to the runway, once again with the Power Transfer Unit activated. I find it to be quieter than my last flight experience, possibly I was sitting closer to the rear this time. The noise died down just before we reach the threshold and we took off shortly after. Another powerful take-off and seat belt sign were turned off not long after. This time around, our flight was smooth all the way. Cabin crew service started once the sign was turned off. They were cheerful and one of them was pretty chatty too. That is how to make us, passengers feel comfortable! Kudos to this set of crew. 

Good variety of movies offered by the airline. The only problem is the flight time for my flight is only enough to enjoy a movie. 

This reminds me of the flight simulator I used to play when I was young

I forgot to mention on my previous flights is that for domestic flights with the 3 main carriers, you will be offered a variety of choices. I can't remember what are the other choices. There are sandwiches offered on my flight, but you have to pay for them. 

Window shot photos 

My aircraft was parked beside Delta Airlines' Boeing 737-800. Delta's 737 fleet is fitted with this type of winglet. (photo below) So if you see this, it doesn't mean it is the 737 MAX. For now, that aircraft type is still grounded. 

We are on our way! Followed by our shadow.

This is the "piano" keyboard, if you see this, it's time for take-off.

Goodbye Detriot! A visit to your city in the near future is on the cards.

Very nice flying condition 

Started our descend into Fort Worth 

Nice and smooth touch down by the pilot 

This will be a picture of the past soon as American Airlines is retiring the MD-80 in September 2019.

Jetblue is on my agenda for next year's flying trip! 

The one day A220 trip ended like that in a snap of a finger! 

My flight report

My rating: 

Delta Airlines' mobile app: 8/10
DTW Airport experience: 7/10
IFE System: 7/10
Cabin interior: 9/10
Aircraft cleanliness: 10/10
Aircraft condition: 10/10
In-flight snack: 6/10
Punctuality: 10/10
In-flight service: 7/10
Seat comfort: 7/10
Overall rating: 81/100


The airfare for this trip was expensive but after enjoying the A220 rides, it was certainly money worth spent. For the 4-hour plus flights, what I enjoy most is the comfortable cabin interior which makes it sweeter with the in-flight WiFi and entertainment system to keep the time pass fast. So for those thinking of doing Delta's A220, don't hesitate. The airline is taking delivery of more A220s, so you don't have anything to worry. For U.S flyers, Delta is the only carrier that is currently operating the A220 series, Jetblue will be following suit in the near future. Hopefully, there will be more operators of this aircraft type, as it is certainly a great aircraft to fly on and even on 5-6 hours sector, I still find it comfortable. 

I flew with Delta Airlines before this A220 joyride, and that was about 20 years ago and it is a different airline today. More modern cabin and fleet types, so I can't compare them. What I feel is this is a nice airline to fly with. Cabin crew service is all down to luck, I had a better set of crew on the return sector and with a better service, your flight would go past quicker than you think. 

After arrival

After arrival at DFW airport, I did some plane spotting at the airside before heading to my accommodation. 

American Airlines' retrojet livery on the Boeing 737-800! So happy to spot this. However, I prefer this livery on the 757. What do you think? 

I could have gone to either terminal A or B using the Skytrain but I decided to check out the public transport. There is a free shuttle which will indicate on the bus display. 

After 25 minutes, I made my way to the train station via a footpath 

Fast and convenient, it cost US$3 including a transfer. I was waiting for the bus to arrive. Unfortunately, I just missed the bus at that point and had to wait for another 25 minutes for the next one to arrive. Why didn't I go for Uber? Because I want to travel without spending much. 

50 minutes later, I reached the location of my accommodation. It was very hot at that time and hardly any clouds around. 

My motel is just ahead in the picture below, didn't take any more photos as my phone battery had run out at that time.

Hope you enjoy this trip report on my flight experience with Delta's Airbus A220! 

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Have a great one!

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