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Tuesday 9 April 2019

Airport Hotel Review: London Heathrow Premium Inn

Welcome to my Airport Hotel Review 

For more information, you can click on the hotel's website.

( I decide to do this review is to let you all decide for yourself on the accommodation at the airport)

My flight to Warsaw was in the morning around 10.35. I didn't like the idea of getting up very early from my accommodation in central London to the airport so decided to book accommodation near the airport. 

Using the Booking.com application, I did my search and saw a few decent hotels with reasonable prices and this hotel caught my attention. There were other hotels based at terminal 4 but Premium Inn offered the cheapest and I booked it immediately. 

On that day. I left my sister's place at 7 pm. Took the Tube from Tower Hill to Heathrow Airport terminal 4 stop. It took me around an hour and 30 mins. Once there, I took the lift to the departure hall. Manage to see the sign of the hotel, this can be tricky as it took me a while to figure out where the airport hotels were located. 

I took the tube to the airport 

Taking the lift to the departure hall and walk all the way down the corridor (Below)

This is terminal 4

At the end of the other side of the terminal, you will come to this section, there is where the hotels are. 

It took around 12 minutes to walk get to the hotel. With a heavy backpack and luggage, it was a work out for me. 

Greeted by the staff and I was served by a local lady. Check-in was fast and efficient. I paid for the room and for the price I paid, it excluded breakfast. I figured that I could have my breakfast on the air side of terminal 2. 

This is how a single room with a Queen Size bed is like. More than enough for me.

Forgot to take the photo of the view outside, this room was facing the road which I presumed leading connecting from one terminal to another.

I only get to spend about 12 hours including sleeping time in this room. 

What was lacking was perhaps a couple of complimentary bottles of water. I had to boil water instead. There is a fridge which I forgot to check whether they served beverages (chargeable)

Bathtub in the toilet, what I didn't like about the showering system is that you have to adjust both the hot and cold water handles to obtain the warm water. It took a while for me.

Comfortable bed - I managed to get enough rest. Waking up from it was a challenge! 

Overall I was satisfied with my stay at this hotel. I paid 71 pounds for this room and considering the location, I think its a good deal for an overnight stay before the flight in the morning, the next day. 

Do take note of the time you need to give yourself to walk from the hotel to the terminal 4. (It takes around 12-15 minutes depending on your speed of walking). From the terminal, you may need to take the train to connect to other terminals. The shuttle bus is also available, you have to follow the signboard. 

For me, I chose to take the tube back to terminal 2 and altogether it took around 30 minutes to get there. I left the hotel around 7. So plenty of time for breakfast. 

It's always best to give yourself ample time as you never know how heavy the human traffic it can be at any airports. 

My rating: 

Location of the hotel: 7/10
Hotel Staff: 7/10
Hotel room ambiance: 9/10
Cleanliness of the room: 10/10
Bed comfort: 9/10
Shower: 6/10
Value for $$: 7/10 
Overall rating: 55/70

Do I recommend this hotel: Yes

It is a pity that I didn't get to stay longer to enjoy the facilities like the restaurant. The price of the breakfast was pretty decent, it was, in fact, cheaper than the breakfast I had at the airport. And that would be in my trip report coming out after this. 

Thanks for reading! 

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