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Thursday 5 October 2023

Flying My First ERJ-175 With Republic Airways (Delta Connection)

 Welcome to my trip report on my first ERJ-175 ride! 

This ERJ-175 is operated by Republic Airways on behalf of Delta Connection (Photo: Philipp Schutz) 


Thanks to the airline for notifiying me about the change of schedule, I was able to select the extra stop-over (JFK-BOS) for no extra charges. Another reason why I decided to go with this extra stop is to meet a friend at BOS airport as I had about 6-7 hours layover. As Delta also operated the A220-100 on this sector, I decided to stick to flying the Delta Connection which features the ERJ-175, an aircraft type missing from my flight logbook. So once that is done, all I hope was there won't be a lengthy delay on my flight from GRU to JFK. Fortunately on that day, everything went to plan and my ride reached JFK earlier than the scheduled time. 

Seat map of the ERJ-175 (Photo: Delta Airlines' website)

About Republic Airways 

Republic Airways is a regional airline owned by Republic Airways Holdings that operate services on behalf of American Eagle, Delta connection and United Express. This airline ownes the aircraft fleet which consists of Embraer 170 and Embraer 175 regional jets and is based in Indianapolis. Currently this airline operates a fleet of 230 and have hubs in 10 cities in the U.S. The hubs are Boston, Chicago (ORD), Columbus- Glenn, Indianapolis , Louisville, Newark (EWR), La Guardia (LGA), Pittsburgh, Philadephia and Washington- National. 

Checking which aircraft I was flying on? N217JQ gets the honour to fly me to Boston. 

The aircraft had arrived from Pittsburgh. 

After the visit at TWA hotel, I made my way back to terminal 4. 

This is terminal 4. 

As I had my boarding pass to BOS, I went straight to the airside. 

This is the air side of the terminal 4.

Delta's Airlines Airbus A321NEO. I have flown on this aircraft last year, you can check out the trip report over here.

There are restaurants and shops to check out. This airport offers free Wi-Fi. 

This is N832MH, my ride from GRU airport and it was heading to LAX. 

Delta's Boeing 737-900ER

Checking my flight status, so far so good. 

My gate was located near the far end of the pier, quite a bit of walking to do. 

New York's number 1 airline, do you agree? 

This is where my flight was departing from. 

My ride: N217JQ (Photo: Stephen Furst)

Delta Connection Operated by Republic Airways 
Formerly operated by Northwest Airlines, transfer to Delta Airlines in October 2008
Configuration: C12 Y64
Engines: 2 X GE CF34-8E5
Age: 16 years old (2023) 
Built in San Jose Dos Campos (SJK)

Flight route: JFK-BOS

Miles: 187

Date of departure: 13th June 2023
Airline: Delta Connection operated by Republic Airways
Flight: DL5673 
Aircraft type: ERJ-175 
Registration: N217JQ
Departure terminal: 4 
Gate: B49 
Seat: 14D 
Load: 100%
Schedule departure: 0959 
Boarding: 0933
Push back: 0956
Take off: 1012
Flight duration: 32 minutes
Actual flight time: 1 hour 4 mins 
Schedule arrival: 1129 
Touch down: 1115 
Departure runway: 22R 
Arrival runway: 4R

Let's check out the aircraft! 

If I had known about Aerolopa.com, I would have picked another window seat. If you like a view, avoid row 14. 

I consider this to be a windowless seat, as I cannot get a good view unless I bend forward to view outside, it was frustrating. 

A clean photo of the ERJ-175 cabin (Photo: CJMoeser)

My inflight experience 

Boarding took place a bit late and I was one of the last to board and it wasn't good for me as I didn't get to take a clean shot of the cabin. Once on board, I noticed how narrow the aisle and small the overhead compartment is. For Republic Airways aircraft, there is no IFE system or charging port installed, so that is a bummer. While we were taxing near to the runway, one of the opened overhead bins was finally closed by one of the crew. I wonder why the crew didn't close this particular bin earlier. Anyway, there wasn't any in-flight service so nothing to write about the service. As for the flight, it was slightly bumpy especially descending towards Boston. This flight was announced to be a short 32 minutes but ended up arriving late due to a disabled aircraft on the runway and according to the pilot, we were put on a holding pattern and was given the clearance to land once the disabled aircraft was cleared from the runway. 

This older ERJ-175 aircraft was a little noisy especially during take off but overall apart from the window misalignment, I find this aircraft to be quite similar to the ERJ190. 

Once we touched down, we were still ahead of schedule.

My photos of the cabin 

No IFE system or power socket available on this aircraft. 

You can see how tight the legroom space. Even though it is stated to have a 31 inch legroom space, it feels lesser than that. For the seat width, it is around 18.3 inches. 

The old Embraer overhead panel 

The 2-2 seating configuration is the standard for ERJ 170/190 family. 

See how small the legroom space? 

I was glad to leave the aircraft at the end of the flight. 

What's inside the seat pocket? 

Safety card 

Window shot photos 

I was not able to take as many photos on this flight due to the placement of the windows. 

At this point, we were waiting for departure. 

Soon, we were on our way. Fortunately, the seat mate in front of me didn't completely shut the window. 

Goodbye New York and JFK Airport! 

Welcome to Boston Logon International Airport! 

My flight summary 

Arrival in Boston Airport 

Thanks for the ride, N217JQ!

These are Delta's A220-100 aircraft. 

I rested a while at the air side at the airport before heading over to the landside to meet a friend.

There was a pre-recorded announcement from the Mayor welcoming visitors to the city (walking across the bridges). 

After meeting up with a friend, I went to check in at the Delta desk. 

I thought I would be flying on Delta's 767-400ER (N829MH) but things changed later on. 

To be continued! 

My rating 

Airline's website/mobile app: 4/5
Airport Experience at JFK Airport: 3/5 
In-Flight Service: 3/5 
In-Flight Experience: 3/5 
Cleanliness of the cabin: 5/5
In-Flight Entertainment system: 0/5
In-Flight Meal/Snack: 0/5
Punctuality: 5/5
Seat Comfort: 4/5 
Cabin interior: 4/5 
Overall rating: 29/50 
Percentage: 58% 


I would certainly like to try the one-seater at the front of the aircraft as the rear is quite cramp. The poor legroom space and if a big size passenger sits beside me, it would probably made my ride more uncomfortable. As these aircraft are used on short routes, I suppose they are bearable but given a choice between the A220 and ERJ-175, I would choose the A220 for the more spacious cabin. Not saying the ERJ-175 is a bad plane as the configuration of the aircraft depends more on the carrier, I find it be uncomfortable due to the tight legroom space. Furthermore I was disappointed that no in-flight service was provided even though the flight was smooth for most parts except the descending part towards Boston. On my Jetblue flight (JFK-BOS route), I received a choice of beverage. Still, it was nice to experience my first ride on the smaller ERJ jet and would I fly it again? Yes, I would definitely choose a better window seat than this. 

Thanks for reading! 

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Have a great one! 

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