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Wednesday 17 April 2019

Jewel of Changi Airport

Welcome to my Jewel Changi Airport Review!

Photo: www.rsp.com.sg

About this new kid on the block 

The idea of Jewel Changi Airport came in the year of 2013 from Singapore's Prime Minister. The plan was to double the capacity of Changi Airport and create more job opportunities for the people. This is also to encourage passengers to either transit in Singapore to discover the beauty of the airport or visit the island itself which is the priority. 

This Shopping Centre combined with an urban park is built at the former site of Terminal 1 parking lot. Designed by Moshe Safdie who also designed the Marina Bay Sand, this place is a joint venture between Changi Airport Group and the Capitaland. The estimated cost of this venture is around S$1.7 billion. 

I managed to get the invitation pass to be one of the first in the world to witness one of Singapore's gems. 

About public transport

Changi Airport is near my home. I stayed in the East and it takes around 15 minutes by bus to the airport. The problem with Changi Airport is the public transport which in my opinion can be furthered improved. Both buses and MRT train need to be looked at by the authorities. Single decker with poor frequency is the issue because of the heavy load and certain places, you only have one service to the airport, and the waiting time can be terrible and even when the bus comes, some are not able to board due to how packed the bus is. Good luck when traveling during peak hours.

For many years, some of us have been feed-backing to Changi Airport to build a bus interchange which allows double-decker buses to carry commuters to the airport, making it convenient for both travelers and airport staff. Sadly this has been ignored. In addition, the train system to town is inconvenient as we need to make at least a couple of transfer at stations to get to the heart of Singapore. No express train or bus services to town, so the fastest is to take a cab down. Hong Kong, Seoul, and Japan have a better transport system in my opinion. 

Jewel Changi Airport Airport 

This shopping mall is easily accessible from 3 terminals, Terminal 1, 2 and 3.

The layout of the Airport. Terminal 4 requires a shuttle bus ride to terminal 2 before able to connect to Jewel. 

The famous Airport Traffic Control Tower

(Sorry for the reflection)

It looks like the Tower has been locked up!

The arrival hall is located at level 1, you can take the lift. 

The beautiful garden inside the sphere 

Wow, I have to say I am quite impressed. This greenery is definitely eye-catching. Add in some birds and its like as good as real.

For those who watch Hunger Games, doesn't it remind you of the arena?

For the afternoon, it sure looks pretty. I will come again at night. 

I showed this photo below to my friends and none of them guessed it was taken at the Jewel. 

You can climb the stairs to the top, it's worth the exercise. The view from the top is breathed taking.

 Do remember to keep track of the time of your flight. The walk around this garden can take quite a while. This garden is as impressive as the Garden By The Bay, if not better.

At the top floor 

There are some high-end restaurants located at this level.

The canopy will open on the 10 June 

Relaxing lounge to enjoy 

The waterfall

This has to be the highlight of Jewel, absolutely spectacular. I enjoy watching the waterfall at different angles. 

The folks on the sky train can get a spectacular view in this dome.

Photographed at Basement 2

What a sight it was 

Performance at night (5 minutes)

What's at the shopping mall?

It's like a typical shopping mall, nothing much to shout about. Took some photos for you all to see how it looks like.

Grand looking Starbucks, probably the nicest in Singapore

The terminal also includes baggage storage - ideal for those who wish to shop before they make their way to their respective terminals for departure

Changi Lounge 

Self Check-in Kiosk for some airlines (Check out the photo below)

Convenient for passengers flying with the following airlines

Shopping Centre is connected to the garden, easy to get around. 

Cinema at the airport, you can imagine the crowd especially at the weekend

If you are coming by terminal 1 arrival hall, this is what you will see when you cross over to Jewel. (below)

A visit to the Pokemon Centre

Pokemon fans should be delighted! The price, on the other hand, is a different story.

The popular Pikachu riding on the Lapras which doesn't seem to be happy about it!


The famous Gyarados 

I spent an hour and a half queueing up for my favorite childhood restaurant, A& W restaurant. Will I do it again? No!

I am a big fan of the A & W root beer

Waffles and Coney Dog

You can connect to other terminals. A signboard will indicate on the direction. I made my way to Terminal 3.

There are travellators, from Jewel, it takes around 10 minutes to get to terminal 3 in normal walking pace.

This entrance is located on the level of the departure hall, near to Crowne Plaza Hotel. 

My thoughts

Jewel of Changi Airport is lovely in its own ways. I love the waterfall in particular surrounded by Greenery which makes it a great place to hang out for nature lovers. Climbing up the stairs while enjoying the cool environment (air condition), appreciating nature, what more can I ask? 

As for the shopping mall, it's like any other shopping centers, everyone should have something for themselves. What makes it special is the Pokemon shop and the return of A & W fast food restaurant which the locals hope to see more branches of it around the sunny island. 

My main complaint is the public transport in and out of the airport. With the opening of Jewel, the buses and MRT will see an increase of load and let's hope something is done with the situation. 

Hope you enjoy this short review! 


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