Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Flying Again In 2022 (Updated in January 2022)

Hello readers, 

How are you all? As you know that the Covid virus has pretty much disrupt many of our lives, I was not able to travel anywhere until the vaccination was available. Even though the vaccination doesn’t prevent us from getting infected, however it offers a better protection and more importantly allow us to continue our lives, with precaution of course. 

After 2 years of being grounded in my home land, I decided to take a trip to continue my flying adventure. This time I decided to be more adventurous by flying to the U.S the long way which includes flying over the trans-Atlantic for the first time. Here are the airlines that I will be flying on 

My initial plan was to fly on the airline's scheduled Boeing 777-300ER to ZRH and then the ZRH-LHR-ZRH sectors for the Airbus A220-300, however, the airline adjusted the schedule and moved my flight to a day later, not just that, the aircraft were changed too, from Boeing 777-300ER to A340-300 and the A220-300 was changed to A321NEO. I was keen on flying the A321NEO but not so much of the A340-300. However, on the return flight from London, I will still be flying with Swiss Airlines, for now the aircraft scheduled is unchanged. (223 and 77W)

Later on in January 2022, I decided to reschedule my flight to an earlier date and the Lufthansa flights via MUC caught my attention. I would get to fly on the airline's A350-900 and A320NEO, so after much consideration, I decided to go for this route but of course things can change. I would switch my flights to LHR back to Swiss if the A340-300 is changed back to the Boeing 777-300ER. 

I have been wanting to fly with Virgin Atlantic for a very long time, and finally I booked myself on the airline’s A350-1000 and B787-9 flights on one of the world's popular routes.

Adding on to the list, Jetblue Airways!

I chose the airline’s Airbus A321NEO flight configured with the mint class, but will be flying in economy class instead. Nevertheless, I am still excited to fly on this airline.

I had a tough time deciding which airline to fly for the Boeing 757. I decided on Delta Airlines as the airfare was cheaper and also I get to fly on both 767-400ER and 757-200. I bought the refundable ticket just in case the aircraft gets change. 


You guys must be wondering, why JFK? This is for the Boeing 767-400ER and Boeing 757 flights. My priority is to fly the aircraft that I can't get in Asia, and once this is done, I would be a very happy man. American Airlines has retired many aircraft types such as the A330-200/-300, Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 so I know that I have to make my move fast before the Airbus 321NEO order from both Delta and United come in. 

After much consideration, I decided to book BOS to SFO via SLC instead. The reason is the flights offer better timing for both departure and arrival and also Salt Lake City airport is one of the airports that I like to visit so that means ATL will have to be on my next trip. However, I decided to change the flight for the BOS to SFO sector because the BOS-SLC flight sector, the aircraft was changed to 737-900ER, it is still early days, but I found a better flight timing and would instead get to stop over at ATL airport. The aircraft from ATL-SFO would be operated by Boeing 757-300.

I plan to add one more flight to my hectic schedule, most probably from EWR to MCO with United (752) and on the same day flight with Southwest back to EWR. I have to wait for Southwest to open up the schedule for June next year. 

Covid situation

Right now, the plan to go ahead will take place but things can change so hopefully that won’t be the case. The tickets I booked are non-refundable, but I can postpone them to a later date, so not an issue here. 

Wish you all well! 

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