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Monday 3 October 2011

Enjoying Singapore Airlines (Part 1: SIN-HKG - A380)

Welcome to my Trip Report on the World's first Airbus A380, 9V-SKA!

9V-SKA (Photo: Jjss)

This trip is dedicated to my mother and we flew this flight on her birthday! Thanks to the SQ crew on this flight for making it a memorable experience for both of us. 

I hope you enjoy this short trip report. Click here for part 2. 

My mum and I onboard our SQ's A380 flight

Flight route: SIN-HKG

Flight details
Carrier: Singapore Airlines
Flight number: 856
Date: 22nd Feb 2011
Routing: SIN-HKG
Seat number: 82K
Aircraft type: Airbus A380-841
My 1st ride on this aircraft type and only airline to have flown the A380.
1st time on 9V-SKA
Engines: Roll Royce Trent 971 engines
Date delivered: 12/10/2007
Line number: 3
Registration: 9V-SKA
Flight duration: 3hrs 30 mins
Scheduled departure time: 0940
Actual departure time: 1100 (delay)
Scheduled arrival time: 1330
Actual arrival time: 1420
FL: 350
Load factor for Y class: 90%
Departure gate: A10 (Terminal 3)
Departure runway used: 20R


This trip came about when I thought of bringing my mum somewhere since it is her birthday. Initially, it was to Seoul, but because the hotel plus airfare was quite expensive, I decided to take her to Hong Kong, and at that time SQ was having a promotion; $859 for 2 persons, so it was no brainer to just book it and talk later! Since my mum and I had already flown on the A380, so my initial plan was to fly 77W on both ways. However, it didn't' allow me to select the earlier flight, 77W on the outgoing flight, so I chose A380 to HKG and return on 77W, the timing on the return was not too bad. As my mum left all the arrangements for me, everything else went like a breeze.

Booking online

The old website was much easier to use, I do not understand why do they have to change it when it was working fine and it wasn't at all outdated. The current website, I should not comment further is another issue. Anyway, booking was as easy as ABC, no mileage point which was disappointing, but the price was enough for me to just book it.

Before boarding

I went to the airport first to do some plane photography, and I met my mum later at the airport. We headed to our gate and wait for our time to depart. I was so looking forward to flying with the A380 again and was hoping for 9V-SKK! But the night before I checked, the plane was flying to Europe, so no chance of getting that. Did a bit of walking around the terminal, saw SKA, SKF and SKC, It had to be one of them! It turned out to be 9V-SKA after all.

Anyway, our flight was supposed to take off at 0940 but took off an hour later due to a mechanical problem with the aircraft. I was told that SKA was the most problematic aircraft compared to the others! Anyway, we were kept waiting in the aircraft with regular updates and drinks were served while waiting for the problem to be sorted out.

Photos of the cabin, my mum's birthday cake from SQ and airline meal.


It was a great flight from the start to the end. Despite the delay, the crew were professional and friendly. They delivered the cake to my mum as requested and even sang a birthday song to her. This is certainly one of my better experience with this airline. I am delighted to experience the A380 on the upper level, it makes flying even more enjoyable. 


Flying the A380 despite the delay was a joy! It was quite turbulent throughout the journey, but my mum and I enjoyed our flight onboard SQ. The timing to HKG is great, as you can spend at least in the afternoon and evening sightseeing and the shortest route to fly the A380! 

My Ratings

Service: 9/10
Aircraft: 10/10
Cleanliness: 10/10
Punctuality: 7/10
Comfort: 9/10

Grade: A

Thanks for reading!

Click here for part 2.