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Tuesday 6 December 2011

Enjoying Elite Class on EVA Air's Boeing 777-300ER (Part 2)

Welcome to my return flight on EVA Air's Boeing 777-300ER to Singapore! 

At that time, the airline wasn't in the star alliance or had the hello kitty planes, but they had the 3 777s with special liveries that I hope to fly on.

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*Aircraft photos are credited to the respective photographers from Airliners.net

      B-16701, B-16702 and B-16703 used to wear this livery 

Now, these 3 aircraft are in this livery. (June 2016)


B-16702 is in the old livery

B-16703 is currently one of the Hello Kitty aircraft 

Carrier: EVA Air
Flight number: 226
Date: 4th Dec 2011
Routing: TPE-SIN
Seat number: 24K then changed to 21K after take-off
Aircraft Type: Boeing 777-35E/ER
Configuration: 77N 
My 8th ride on this aircraft type and 5th airline to be flying the B777-300ER
1st time on B-16711
Engines: General Electric GE90-115B engines
Line number: 721
Plane delivered: 29-05-2008
Registration: B-16711
Flight Duration: 4 hrs 11 mins
Scheduled departure time: 0740
Actual departure time: 0752
Scheduled arrival time: 1200
Actual arrival time: 1156
FL:360 Speed: 900km/h
Load factor for Y class: 80%
Departure gate: C4(Terminal 2)
Arrival gate: D42 (Terminal 1)
Departure runway: 05R
Arrival runway: 02L

However, I was a bit disappointed to have gotten this aircraft.

    My ride: B-16711

Old livery 

Now in the current livery

Taken from the gate, do take note the taking photos in the morning at EVA Air's side is pretty bad, backlit so its best to fly out in the evening if possible.

The flight timing back to Singapore was bad, 7 plus in the morning which means you have to get up really early to get to the airport. I would probably fly with another airline back to Singapore in the evening the next time I fly here.

TransAsia used to fly to Singapore and the timing was the best among the Taiwanese carriers, departure at 6.30pm and arriving in Singapore at 11 plus, you get to spend one day at Taipei before heading back. Pity the airline had pulled the plug on this route in 2013.

The Boeing 777-300ER looks magnificent as always!


I postponed my date twice; I was supposed to have flown back on the 29th November, which was to be operated by the same aircraft - B-16710 then I changed it to Friday, which was operated by B-16716. After that, I decided to change to Sunday so that I can spend some time with my new friends and it was a good decision. When I booked my seat, I had to settle for 23F which was in the middle section of the plane, and I didn't like it. Somehow I knew that seats were blocked until the day itself and I was proven right. I changed it to a window seat 24K and was hoping that no one was beside me.

I highly recommend this hostel, Taipei Hostel, situated near Taipei Main Station.

At Taipei's Taoyuan Airport

Boarding gate

Boarding was fast, as usual, the announcements were made for business class to board first, followed by Elite Class and then Economy class. I would recommend the aisle seat at the sides of the cabin as there is more legroom space if the flight is full. Sitting at the window seat can be a problem due to the PTV box obstructing part of your legroom space which can be uncomfortable for long haul flights. Seat wise, it's comfortable. The disappointing part was there was someone sitting beside me. Fortunately for me, Row 21 J and K were empty, so I shifted there. Due to past experience, I decided to ask one of the crews whether it was ok to move over, she gave me a green light without much emotion. 

Photos of Economy cabin

Photos of Elite class

Photos of business class

In-flight Service

What can I say? I was expecting a better experience with them after my last one, but boy I was wrong, service was equally as bad as my (SIN-TPE sector), however, a few of them were at least smiling. I had asked for a glass of orange juice, the crew told me to hold on but she didn't come back with my drink. While serving food, the crew seem to be in a hurry to just get it done and over with and for the rest of the flight, they were hiding at their workplace, probably chatting away. Later on, I asked a crew whether do they stay on the return flight or stay for a night, she wasn't very keen to reply me but told me they stayed a night in Singapore before returning home.

Breakfast time!

It wasn't that fantastic, the vermicelli was pretty dry and I didn't like that fried thing (can't remember what it was), but it was filling.

Window shot photos

I wished I was flying on the aircraft on the left!

EVA Air's MD-90- I would be flying on that in September 2014!

The best engine for the Boeing 777 in my opinion! 


Is it worth paying for the trip with EVA Air? In 2011, nope. In 2014, the airline has improved tremendously; both website and on-ground service are worth a mention. Feedbacks from my friends telling me how impressed they were with the airline and I would definitely make a trip with the airline again to see how much the in-flight service has improved. EVA Air has certainly done a lot these few years to overtake China Airlines as the number 1 carrier at least in my opinion. Even the locals rather fly with this airline as it has a better reputation. Now that this airline has joined the star alliance, there is even more reason to fly with EVA Air. This airline has a bright future ahead and long may that continue!

My rating:

Website: 6/10
On-ground service: 6/10
Taipei Taoyuan Airport experience: 6/10
In-flight service: 5/10
IFE System: 7/10
In-flight meal: 3/10
Seat comfort: 8/10
Cleanliness: 10/10
Aircraft condition: 10/10
Punctuality: 10/10
Overall rating: 71/100

Thank you for reading my trip report.

For part 1, click here.

Best Regards,

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