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Sunday 28 June 2015

A Review of Premium Lounge at KLIA 2 (KUL Airport)


I had to decide where to stay since the flight arrive at 2330 hours and had a few choices in KL Sentral, but if my flight gets delayed, I would have not much choice but to cough out more money and take the taxi to KL Sentral which I do not want, so instead of heading to town, why not spend overnight at the Plaza Premium Lounge at KLIA2 which is a lounge that allows you to pay to use it. I paid around US$61 for the 10 hours and all you need to do is to pay a refundable deposit at the counter and the timer starts once you are checked in. 

Airport: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Lounge: KLIA 2 Premium Plaza Lounge (Landside)
Location: Level 2M, KLIA2 
Operating hours: 24 hours
Type of lounge: Paid-to-use lounge and air travellers
Website: Link
The entrance of the Plaza Premium Lounge

Welcome to Premium Plaza Lounge

Suite 5 was my room. There are other types of rooms for couples and families and this is for singles. 

It is pretty small, reminds me of the hotels in Hong Kong.

The issue when sleeping is worrying about hitting my head at the shelf near the lamp, I had to use a pillow to cover that part to prevent my head from hitting it during sleeping. 

The shower is adequate and having one after a long day is definitely welcoming!

The interior of the lounge 

Unlike the Hong Kong's Plaza lounge, there was hot food served at a similar timing. 

Bread and Cereal at this corner. 

There is also a hot drink vending machine. 

Cold drinks for you? I wish they serve other beers, as I am not a fan of Tiger Beer. 

Hot Drinks for you?

Feeling famished? Hot food was available, this is something Hong Kong Plaza Premium Lounge could have provided. Kind of disappointing thinking about it and mind you the Hong Kong lounge is more expensive than this. 

A closer look at the food corner

If you book a room here, you can eat as much as you want during your stay. There are choices for you to choose from. The use of the lounge only, showers only and the room (You can use all of them). The latter cost more than the others but it is not a bad place to layover. If you are on a budget, I would recommend the Capsule instead, located at Basement 2. You can find some photos of them over here.

At the lounge, there is a TV showing some program and even some power ports to charge your electronic devices. 

My meals at the lounge

I ate quite a bit during my time there.

This is the traditional Malaysian dessert, pretty nice. 


The staff were helpful and even helped me to settle the extension of my stay on the spot. I originally booked for 5 hours online but that got sorted out within minutes and one of them showed me the way to the room and we had a little chit chat along the way. I find them to be professional and courteous. 

My rating:

Lounge ambience: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Selection of food: 7/10
Room interior: 6/10 
Bed comfort: 6/10 
Shower: 7/10
Value for $$: 7/10 
Overall rating: 47/70


This is a decent lounge but I feel not all will like it. It is good for a short stay but not more than a day, definitely. For more than a day in KL, you are better off at a hotel. Comparing this to Hong Kong, the one at Hong Kong feels more like a lounge, this is probably a budget type but at least it serves its purpose. It is also cheaper than the one I used in Hong Kong so overall, its value for money and I do recommend this lounge for those who want to catch up on their work and rest for a short while before their next journey. For those catching their flights at KLIA, take the train (RM 2) - a 5 minutes ride from the train station here, its convenient and fast. I don't think there is a paid lounge at KLIA, at least not at the airside. 

Thanks for reading this report. 

My next one should be quite exciting for some: EVA Air's Hello Kitty experience on the airline's 7th Hello Kitty plane, coming up soon.



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