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Friday 8 April 2016

Having A Peach Time (Part 2: CTS-KIX)

Welcome to My Trip Report on Peach Aviation!

*Aircraft photos are credited to the respective photographers from Airliners.net 

Click here for part 1 


I had to decide which airline to fly from Sapporo to Osaka Kansai Airport so that I could connect to Air India which would fly me from Osaka to Hong Kong. I wanted to stay longer in Sapporo, so flying direct was my only option. Looking at the choices of airlines, Peach Aviation offered the lowest airfare and better timing than the others, and after 2 awesome flights with this carrier, I decided to go for it and besides it would be my first domestic flight experience with this Japanese Low-Cost Carrier. My previous flight was with Vanilla Air, Tokyo Narita to Sapporo and you can check out the trip report over here. Once that was decided, I did the booking. It was around U.S$80 for the one-way ticket. 

Later on a list of flights was cancelled due to the shortage of pilots, fortunately, this flight I booked on was not affected. 

Photos were taken during my stay in Sapporo 

I stayed 2 nights in Sapporo, here are some photos of the city and of course some delicious food I had during my time there. 

Please enjoy the photos

This is Sapporo TV Tower

Odori Park 

I went up the TV station to the top floor to enjoy the view of this beautiful city. 

The view from the middle level 

Views from the top 

Sapporo Clock House

Model of the building 

I visited one of the popular fish markets to enjoy some sushi! 

This meal may be expensive but it is definitely out of this world! Very fresh and delicious. The Japanese staff was able to understand a little English so communication wasn't difficult.

Sapporo Dome

Sapporo Beer Museum

Are you a fan of beer? If you are, you have to drop by here.

After the tour, I decided to get myself a beer. 

Beer plus cheese = fantastic combination

I went to the JR tower to enjoy the night view of the city 

History of Sapporo Chitose Airport

New Chitose Airport is located at the Southeast part of Chitose and is the largest airport in Hokkaido. It was opened in 1991, built to replace the old Chitose airport. This airport became the first Japanese airport to operate 24 hours though flights from 10 pm to 7 am are restricted to 6 flights per day due to noise disturbing the residents living below the flight path. This airport's original IATA airport code was SPK, but later on, changed to CTS. In 2005, this airport became the 3rd busiest Japanese airport, behind Tokyo Narita and Haneda in terms of passengers carried. New Chitose to Tokyo Haneda is the world's busiest air route so far. 

An overview of the airport (Thanks to Jerry Pang)

Airlines that are currently operating to this airport: 

Aeroflot (operated by Aurora) 
Air Asia X
Air Busan
Air China 
Air Do 
All Nippon Airways
ANA wings
Cathay Pacific 
China Airlines
China Eastern
China Southern 
EVA Air 
Fuji Dream Airlines 
Hawaiian Airlines 
Hong Kong Airlines
Ibex Airlines
Japan Airlines 
Jetstar Japan
Jin Air 
Korean Air 
Peach Aviation
Singapore Airlines (Seasonal)
Skymark Airlines
Spring Airlines
T'Way Airlines
Thai Airways
Tianjin Airlines
TransAsia Airways
United Airlines
Vanilla Air 

Passengers' information

-Free Wifi Available 

-Aviation enthusiasts would be pleased to know there is an observation deck to photograph planes - operating hours apply. 

-Plenty of shops on the land side, you can shop till you drop! 

-Hotel com is located at the Domestic terminal. 

-New Chitose Airport Train Station is the cheapest and fastest mode of transport to town 

The map of the runways in CTS airport

Photos of the interior of New Chitose Airport 

The check-in counters of ANA 

The walk from one end to the other is long, but there are signs to guide you to where your airline's check-in counters are. 

Searching for Peach's check-in counters, it was located a floor below. 

I was quite early at the airport, but I could only check-in 2 hours before my departure flight. So with my luggage, I went to explore the other parts of the airport. 

Vanilla Air - a subsidiary of ANA along with Peach Aviation. 

Plenty of shops around so you can come here early. For plane spotters, leave your girlfriend here while you do your plane spotting!

There are so many things to see! If my pocket is filled with cash, I know exactly what to get. :)

Looking at the directory, it is that big! I got lost until I found this

Shop till you drop! Don't forget your flight and also this is at the landside and you need time to pass through security and immigration (international flights). I have heard of friends missing their flights due to shopping! 

Heading towards Smile Road to check out the chocolate shop and Doremon! 

There are English signs everywhere and English speaking Japanese, so don't worry about the language barrier. 

Even for a non-shopper like myself, I find the Shopping World fascinating. 

When the Japanese have a passion for something, they really show it. 

Here we are, Smile Road! Can you spot something familiar? 

Royce Chocolate World! If only the chocolate wall could be eaten! (Hansel and Gretel) 

An interesting photo gallery on display 

After that, I headed to Peach's check-in counter to check-in. Passed by some airlines I want to fly in the near future. Skymark and Fuji Dream Airlines are Japanese domestic carriers. 

Got my boarding pass and once that was done, I made my way to the observation deck. 

Checking what aircraft was fetching me to Osaka, it was JA808P! I was happy because this aircraft has the special decal of a Japanese singer. 

The little ones would be interested in this. 

As I was hungry, I came here and grabbed some burger while enjoying the view of the aircraft movement. 

Airport History Museum 

ANA's Lockheed L-1011 model caught my eye (Blue livery)

The old Japanese Airlines' uniforms on display

The Aviation Hobby Shop 

If you see cargo boxes like this, they store your luggage and other goods. 

The difference in size between the Boeing 737 and 787's tires 

Flight simulator 

ANA's Aviation!

Airbus' Beluga 

Observation Deck 

Operating hours daily: 0900 - 1700

Plane spotters would love to be here for some photography session. I spent about 2 hours of photographing as many aircraft as I can. 

The Hello Kitty plane of EVA Air caught the attention of the Japanese. 

A better photo of EVA Air's Hello Kitty plane 

Also spotted this beauty from Air Do, unfortunately, the aircraft and livery have been retired. 

After spotting, it was time to head for the airside as the departure time was closer. I felt reluctant to leave but I would be back, that's for sure! 

There are some aircraft in the special livery that you may catch sight of at this airport. There are others as well but these are the ones I like. Thanks to these photographers for the beautiful shots. 

ANA's pokemon jet's Boeing 777-300 operates only on domestic routes

ANA's star wars aircraft (Most likely you see only the 767 aircraft at this airport as the other two are scheduled to fly on international routes)

Boeing 777-300ER

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Boeing 767-300ER (Different liveries on each side)

ANA's 'You & Me' (Yume jet) special livery to commemorate the airline's 60th anniversary! 

Japan Airlines 'Tokyo Disney Resort' special livery Boeing 777-200 taking off during winter. 

Japan Airlines' 'United Nation Biodiversity' special livery 

Japan Airlines' 'Samurai Blue' special livery on this Boeing 777-200

Both ANA and Japan Airlines are indifferent airline alliances. 

For more beautiful photos of the traffic at Sapporo (Airliners.net), click here.

Passing through security was fast and soon I was on the airside. 

Checking my flight, no delay this time. 

Departure Hall (Airside)

My ride was being prepared for departure 

Route: CTS-KIX 

Miles: 673 

My ride: JA808P

Date of departure: 28th May 2014
Airline: Peach Aviation
Flight: MM108
Route: CTS-KIX
Aircraft: Airbus A320 
Registration: JA808P (leased from Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance)
Delivered on 5th April 2013
Engines: 2 X CFM56-5B4/3
Configuration: Y180
MSN: 5540
Gate: 5
Seat: 8F 
Departure time: 1810 
Arrival time: 1940 

Boarding took place early and this flight ended up to be a packed flight. At least for the rows around me were occupied. I chose row 8F so that I could take some window shot photos of the wing, engine and the surrounding. Here are some photos of the seats. Do note, they are different from the older batch of Airbus A320s. 

Economy Class seat

The magazine's holder is located at the seatback around your eye level. 

View from my seat 

Disembarking time 

My comfortable seat at row 8F

In-flight meal 

Fortunately for me, my choice of hot meal was available. 

I ordered the popular Okinawa's Taco-Rice - its pretty good. 

In-flight experience 

Greeted by the wonderful Japanese crew once again, they immediately switched to English which was pretty good when I acknowledged them. I noticed the cabin was different from the older Airbus A320s (JA801P and JA802P). However, the seat pitch was the same. If you want slightly better legroom space, choose the rows near the front. 

Once everyone was on board and clearance was given, we pushed back and soon on our way to the active runway for takeoff. I was hoping this time, lesser turbulence. Not much traffic at that point and we took off smoothly, through the low clouds in sunset condition and headed towards Osaka. Our journey took around 1 hour 30 minutes, and the ride towards Osaka was smooth. 

Seat belt sign was only turned on when we were close to Osaka so it was a pretty enjoyable and smooth ride and not just that, the passengers got to enjoy the sunset especially those sitting on the right side. 

In-flight service was excellent, just like my previous flight. They were friendly and seemed to enjoy their job very much. Each of them bowed to each passenger when they came around to offer in-flight meal and selling of duty-free items. You can't get better customer service anywhere else. 

I ordered the meal as stated above and enjoyed it very much. Once that was done, I sat back and enjoyed the sunset view (check out the photos below) and soon we started to descend into Osaka. Unlike my previous trip to Osaka, landing this time around was a much smoother affair. 

We were parked at the remote parking lot, beside JA801P which I flew earlier to Osaka. 

The only downside of this trip was I was made to go through a thorough check of my body and luggage at the security because I was told that another Singaporean passenger was caught bringing in illegal items and I guess they just wanted to make sure I am not like him. After the check, they apologised to me profusely and wished me a good night. 

Window-shot photos 

Air Do's Boeing 737-700 with winglets, I hope to fly on this one day.

Air Do's Boeing 737s and Vanilla Air's retired Airbus A320 were being prepared for departure

See the difference in size between the Boeing 777 and Boeing 737? 

Passing by ANA's aircraft 

Japan airlines Boeing 777-200 insight 

It was my first time spotting Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767-300ER in this livery. The last time I saw Hawaiian Airlines was when the airline was still operating DC-10, that was many years ago!

Reaching the threshold 

Air Do's Boeing 737 was behind as we started rolling. 

After flying through some clouds, we were greeted by the sun! 

For the 1 hour plus of flying, there isn't a need of IFE system. Enjoying every minute of the sky becoming darker. It was a perfect day for flying!

Goodbye Mr Sun, see you tomorrow!

Almost dark 

The landing was smooth and we parked at a remote parking lot just beside JA801P. This would be the last flight of the day for my aircraft. 

JA801P and JA808P parking together.

Among all the Low-Cost Carriers flown so far, this is my favourite. V Air is 2nd. 

Thanks for the ride, JA808P!

Good to see you again, JA801P! 

Once I got out of the arrival hall, I took the shuttle bus from terminal 2 to terminal 1. The bus ride was about 10 minutes. Once at the alighting bus stop, it took about 5 minutes to get to the airport hotel. There were signs everywhere so it's hard to get lost.

Small but cosy. I stayed for the night at this hotel as I had an early flight to catch with Air India the following day. You can check out the trip report over here.

My rating: 

Airline's website: 7/10
CTS Airport Experience: 10/10
Check-in staff: 8/10 
In-flight service: 8/10
Seat comfort: 6/10
Cabin interior: 9/10
Cleanliness: 10/10
In-flight meal: 8/10
Punctuality: 10/10
Enjoyment: 10/10
Overall rating: 86/100


It was a fantastic trip to Sapporo and the flight to Osaka was enjoyable. Peach may be a Low-Cost Carrier, but the service on all 3 flights so far had been amazing. If you head to Japan, do drop by Sapporo. Lots of interesting places to visit and don't forget about skiing!

This airline has expanded since my last flight with this carrier, doing quite well in the process. Yes, it may have encountered some turbulence along the way, which airlines don't? In my opinion, this is one of the top Low-Cost Carriers around in terms of in-flight service and perhaps the meal as well. So far, my frequent flyer friends have echoed my thoughts of this airline. So if you are in Japan and would prefer to fly instead of taking the train, this is one of the airlines you can consider. In fact, all the Japanese carriers are decent and if you can't decide which to fly on, go for the one with the lowest price. ANA and Japan Airlines' airfare are usually more expensive. Another airline to consider is Starflyer, you can check out the trip report over here.

Do check out my part 1 over here and my first experience with this airline over here.

Thanks for reading!


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